The New Generation Festival offers various dining options on every night of the festival. Numerous food stands and bars, catering to all dietary requirements, are situated around the Palazzo Corsini Gardens. Guests may either purchase a pre-paid food pass online to save time and money or pay as they go using cash or card on site. Guests also have the opportunity of purchasing a ticket for the Corsini Clubhouse - a relaxed, freely-seated buffet with the Corsini family on offer throughout the evening in the central Limonaia (Orangery). Food and drink are always available, before and after the shows as well as during the long intervals.

Join us in the beautiful Clubhouse with our hosts the Corsini family for as much food and wine as you desire during the course of the evening.


Patrons will find food stands across the gardens of the Palazzo Corsini on each night of the festival.
Reservations are not required.

Save time and money by purchasing a pass giving you access to all food stands.

1 Main course | 1 Dessert | 1 Soft drink | 2 glasses of wine or 1 cocktail