The New Generation Festival is a celebration. The dress code is ‘Fabulous’ or ‘Roaring 20s’. Please wear whatever makes you happy, whether that’s ball gowns and black tie, colourful linen suits and dresses, or a kaleidoscopic glittering onesie. Have fun.

The New Generation Festival offers various dining options on every night of the festival. Numerous food stands and bars, catering to all dietary requirements, are situated around the Palazzo Corsini Gardens. Guests may either purchase a pre-paid food pass online to save time and money or pay as they go using cash or card on site. Guests also have the opportunity of purchasing a ticket for the Corsini Clubhouse - a relaxed, freely-seated buffet with the Corsini family on offer throughout the evening in the central Limonaia (Orangery). Food and drink are always available, before and after the shows as well as during the long intervals. Please consult the ‘Dining’ section of our website for further information. A limited number of tables is available for small groups to reserve in the gardens. Please contact to book these.

Dining tickets are sold separately to festival tickets. N.B. Guests cannot be admitted to the festival with a dining ticket alone. A festival ticket must also be purchased. Please consult the ‘Tickets’ section of our website for further information.

This summer’s production is Rossini’s La Cenerentola. The opening performance is on 26th August and the finale on 29th August. Performances begin at 19:45. The first act lasts approximately 70 minutes, the dining interval 60 minutes, and the final second act also approximately 70 minutes. The performance will be followed by other late shows around the gardens which guests can choose to attend for free. Please consult ‘WHAT’S ON’ in the Menu section of our website for further information.

The roaring twenties come to Florence on 28th August with our new show FLORENCE FOLLIES. The performance will begin at 19:45 and run for approximately 90 minutes without interval. Guests can then enjoy dining and dancing in the gardens until closing. Please consult ‘WHAT’S ON’ in the Menu section of our website for further information.

The Symphony concert begins at 19:45 with Sibelius’s Violin Concerto in D minor. The first half is followed by a long 60-minute interval for dining followed by the second half featuring Elgar’s Enigma Variations. Music continues with the traditional midnight concert at the church of Ognissanti with a programme of spiritual and choral music. Please consult ‘WHAT’S ON’ in the Menu section of our website for further information.

Yes, the performance will go ahead. We have never had a performance cancelled due to wet weather and have a number of policies in place to ensure we are flexible enough to cope with any disruption to our schedule. Please come to the gardens as planned and keep a look out for email notifications from the NGF team. In the event of inclement weather, the NGF team will take measures to protect the stage and pit to ensure a smooth start and/or restart to the performance once the weather has improved. Tickets are non-refundable.

In the event that it rains during a performance, the members of the orchestra will leave the pit and the stage will be covered. The audience will be provided with umbrellas and asked to wait until the rain has passed; spells of rain in August are often light and brief. Once the rain has cleared, the performance will resume. Depending on the point at which the performance is stopped, the interval may be called early. In the case of heavy rain, the performance may be moved to the large covered Limonaia (Orangery) in the gardens. Tickets are non-refundable.

There are many good places to stay in Florence. Here are some recommendations.

Within walking distance of the festival:
Sina Villa Medici (5*)
The St Regis Florence (5*)
NH Anglo American Firenze (4*)
Hotel Kraft (4*)
Hotel Ariele (3*)

Hotel Lungarno (5*)
The Four Seasons (5*)
The Villa San Michele in Fiesole (5*)
Torre di Bellosguardo (4*)
Hotel Cellai (4*)
SoprArno Suites (4*)
Oltrarno Splendid (4*)
Villa Hotel Le Barone in Pieve di Panzano (4*)
Ad Astra Florence (3*)

Parcheggio Sotterraneo Stazione Santa Maria Novella
Piazza della Stazione, 13, 50123 Firenze FI, Italy
Open 24 hours

Garage Europa Firenze
Borgo Ognissanti, 96, 50123 Firenze FI, Italy
Open: 6am - 2am

Prato Parking
Via Il Prato, 47/N, 50123 Firenze FI, Italy
Open: 7am–1am

All Florence Taxis know the venue. A festival taxi steward is always present at the entrance to help with bookings.

115 Via della Scala, Florence, Italy

For all general enquiries please contact:
For all press enquiries, please contact: (London, UK)
or (Milan, Italy)

For ticket options, discounts and offers please consult ‘Tickets’ in the menu section of our website. All tickets are non-refundable.

115, Via della Scala
The gates open at 18:30